Realty Rewards Program Terms

The Realty MPG Rewards Program ("Rewards Program") is subject to the following Program-Specific Terms, as well as the General Terms.

Program-Specific Membership Benefits & Restrictions A Member that makes a Qualifying Purchase (defined below) may earn "Realty Rewards Dollars" equal to a minimum of three percent (3%) up to thirty percent (30%) of the Net Amount (defined below) paid for that purchase. The "Realty Rewards Dollars" percentage varies from item to item. The Enrollment in the Realty Rewards Program is automatic after the Effective Date (set forth above) with registration at any of the Participating Sites. Realty Reward Dollars are not awarded on sales made with Sherwin Williams Paint and ProSource Flooring company.

Realty Rewards Dollars Earned 3% - 30% of Net Amount
Shipping Fees for Qualifying Purchases:
  • Free for orders over $49
  • $5.00 Flat Rate for orders $49 and under
Redemption Period No time limit from date on which Realty Rewards-Eligible Purchase is made
Membership Fee No fees for clients of participating real estate agents

"Rewards-Eligible Purchase" means a purchase placed online or over the phone of one or more products from a Participating Site that is paid in full. The purchase of gift cards and/or gift certificates is excluded from this definition.

"Net Amount" means the cash amount paid (in U.S. Dollars) by the Member for the product(s) purchased in the Qualifying Purchase after applying discounts or other credits or deductions.

  • Realty Rewards Dollars are earned only on future purchases from a Participating Site. Rewards Dollars are not awarded for purchases made before the Effective Date (set forth above).
  • Realty Rewards Dollars are not redeemable for cash.
  • Realty Rewards Dollars are not awarded for purchases of gift cards and/or gift cards, purchases paid for in whole with Realty Rewards Dollars. The balance of a Purchase paid for in part with Rewards Dollars is eligible for Rewards Dollar earning.
  • If the Net Amount of a Realty Rewards-Eligible Purchase changes for any reason (e.g., return), the number of Realty Rewards Dollars awarded for the Rewards-Eligible Purchase will be adjusted to reflect the modified Net Amount.
  • Realty Rewards Dollars will be credited to a Member's account within approximately two (2) business days after the closing of each Rewards-Eligible Purchase. Realty Rewards Dollars awarded are rounded down to the nearest cent.

Redemption of Realty Rewards Dollars Realty Rewards Dollars can be redeemed and applied as a credit against a purchase from Realty MPG. Rewards Dollars cannot be used to purchase gift cards or gift certificates. Rewards Dollars are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund, except to the extent required by law. To redeem Rewards Dollars, check the applicable box during the checkout process on Realty MPG. Rewards Dollars may be combined with one (1) Realty MPG promo code only but not with any other Realty MPG promotion, offer or other discount. No credits or refunds will be issued for any reason after Realty Rewards Dollars have been redeemed, including for unused Realty Rewards Dollars, except as described in "Returns" below.

Returns If a Member returns an item that was purchased in whole or in part using Rewards Dollars, the return will be processed in accordance with Realty MPG's return and exchange policy. If the return is accepted by Realty MPG, the Rewards Dollars applicable to the returned item will be credited back to the Member's account.

Realty Rewards Dollars Balance Members can check the Realty Rewards Dollars balance in their accounts at any time by logging in at My Account. A valid email address and password are required to view the Realty Rewards Dollars balance in an account. Realty MPG is not liable for any failure, delay or error in crediting Rewards Dollars to an account. Each Member is responsible for any and all activity occurring in or through his/her account, including the redemption of Realty Rewards Dollars, whether or not the activity was authorized.

Non-Transferability and Non-Aggregation of Realty Rewards Dollars Realty Rewards Dollars and any other right, obligation or benefit of the Realty Rewards Program may not be transferred, assigned, sold, traded or bartered by any Member or any other person, without Realty MPG's prior written consent, which Realty MPG may withhold in its sole discretion, and any attempt to do any of the foregoing shall be null and void. In addition, Realty Rewards Dollars are for the Member's personal use only. Members may not aggregate Realty Rewards Dollars from multiple accounts.