About Us

Realty MPG was founded in 2014 by real estate experts Jim Young and Ritchie McCulloch, and technology entrepreneurs Javier Oblitas and Manuel Oblitas.

We have two major goals:

  • 1) Increase the value of a real estate agent by providing insider wholesale pricing on home remodeling materials to their clients.

  • 2) Increase the production for each real estate agent by providing state of the art interactive voice response technology tools to increase the frequency of conversations with their sphere of influence.

74% of the time, the Realtor that has the first meaningful conversation about real estate with a prospect, is the Realtor that is hired.

According to Baylor University researchers, Interactive Voice Response Technology is the 2nd most productive lead generation activity for Realtors. Referrals are number one. Realty MPG can provide you the 2nd most productive tools to increase your business.

It’s all about spending the least amount of money to produce the greatest amount of production.